“Travel and Culture”: An Introduction

I have been blessed with a love for travelling and a passion for discovery, and have had the great fortune to experience a whole host of incredible places…

As well as travelling for leisure and exploration, I am also thankful for the opportunity to discover new places whilst pursuing my training in Shōtōkan Karate with the JKS – destinations include the JKS Headquarters Honbu Dōjō in Tōkyō, Japan, as well as the headquarters dōjōs in Belgium, Holland, France, England and Scotland.


— Japanese Proverb

From living in two foreign countries (experiences gained thanks to work and study opportunities), to discovering and rediscovering new and previous holiday destinations and group meet-ups conducted in our respective hometowns, I invite you to indulge in my travelling experiences and share with us your own, if you so wish!

I hope you are as excited about reading my posts as I am about sharing them with you!!