Language Learning Daily Rituals: Baguette

Incorporating an integral element of French culture into your daily rituals to help you stay committed… This could apply to any foreign language, or – indeed – any habit or subject of study!

language learning daily rituals baguette

If you have lived or travelled in France, you will certainly be familiar with the ritual of buying bread from the bakery first thing in the morning. You may also, then, have experienced the sentiment of simultaneous relief and joy you get when passing someone on your way, walking in the opposite direction, a baked good of some description in their hand? Your confirmation that the bakery is OPEN today, and that you are going to arrive ON TIME without it closing! NB: Bakeries, like many establishments in France, have certain closing times during the day – sometimes for up to two hours. Don’t get caught out!!

Rather than representing a chore or a hardship of any kind, this early morning ritual is both a necessary and important duty, and a pleasure! Who wouldn’t enjoy starting the day by being greeted with the fresh, warm aromas and beautiful array of delicious-looking pastries that a French bakery has to offer?

Why is this important, and how can I make it relevant to language learning?

There are several ways in which you can use this practice to help inspire your own language learning daily rituals:

  • you make time for it first thing in morning: it may require you to get up earlier (unless, for you, it can mean starting your day later…), but by creating a time slot first thing in the morning expressly for language learning, it won’t encroach on the rest of your busy schedule;
  • it constitutes an important, essential task – therefore, treat it as such! It will never get your attention unless you see it as something necessary for you to do, not just a pastime;
  • opening your routine with a learning (or a physical) activity will leave you feeling set up for the rest of the day! You will be prepared both mentally and physically, as you will already be engaged in the process of personal growth and development!

Please read for more ideas on how to integrate foreign language into your rituals for everyday life!

“Travel and Culture”: An Introduction

I have been blessed with a love for travelling and a passion for discovery, and have had the great fortune to experience a whole host of incredible places…

As well as travelling for leisure and exploration, I am also thankful for the opportunity to discover new places whilst pursuing my training in Shōtōkan Karate with the JKS – destinations include the JKS Headquarters Honbu Dōjō in Tōkyō, Japan, as well as the headquarters dōjōs in Belgium, Holland, France, England and Scotland.


— Japanese Proverb

From living in two foreign countries (experiences gained thanks to work and study opportunities), to discovering and rediscovering new and previous holiday destinations and group meet-ups conducted in our respective hometowns, I invite you to indulge in my travelling experiences and share with us your own, if you so wish!

I hope you are as excited about reading my posts as I am about sharing them with you!!