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Private Language Classes

Book a trial class free before deciding whether to continue tuition! Hourly rates for private classes in English, French or Japanese are:

£30 // 35€ per hour

Private classes will take place either via Skype or FaceTime – please make sure you install and verify the program prior to your first session!!

You can benefit from private classes whatever your level, and whether you desire extra support for your studies, a brush-up in preparation for a business trip or holiday or simply a way to help you fulfil your passion through learning a foreign language, offering extra linguistic insight, experience of living in the country speaking your foreign language and all the extra learning techniques and advice you could hope for!!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Online Language Lessons

A whole host of lessons will soon be at your disposal, available to purchase and access at anytime! Choose from video tutorials, exercises in speaking, reading and listening, grammar and vocabulary activities and an entire range of different types of learning resources, designed to accommodate any learning style, background or preference!!

Online lessons which you can follow at anytime and wherever suits you could be the solution for those who would love to work with a tutor, but who find it difficult to make a regular commitment due to professional, family-related, health-related or other reasons.