The purpose of …

… is to provide techniques for each individual to acquire, retain and implement foreign language skills, all whilst enjoying the skill-acquiring process.

Although this website caters specifically to learners of English, French and Japanese, you will find on the blog page frequent posts including suggested learning techniques to apply to the study of any foreign language!

The reason…

… is different is that it:

・ applies to learners of all ages, all language levels and all language backgrounds;

・ offers sustainable, long-lasting, universally-applicable skills which aren’t acquired quickly, easily or with zero-effort;

・ is supported by personal experiences teaching, learning and living in the countries concerned;

・ is constantly updating thanks to developing linguistic knowledge and research

I personally believe that…

is not for you if:

you wish to fully acquire the skill of speaking a language within a short period of time,

you are hoping to find one method which is sure to work for everyone,

you would prefer not to benefit from the incredible rewards you will surely experience through applying yourself whole-heartedly to the noble endeavour of truly learning a foreign language!

HOWEVER, I truly believe…

is CERTAINLY for you if:

you wish to dedicate your time every day to accomplishing your goal,

you are willing and prepared to make mistakes, and potentially meet difficulty along the way,

it is your desire to speak and understand your foreign languages naturally and freely, with pride and gratification, and an eternal sense of self-empowerment!!

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