10 Years – 10 Life Lessons

10 life lessons in 10 years… And realising that what I was already certain I believed, I am now absolutely convinced is true.

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1. You don’t have to try to be like someone else (however well-liked or popular they may be) in order for other people to like you.

2. You’re not being cruel, inconsiderate, unreasonable or ‘picky’ by not wanting to go out with someone who doesn’t entirely correspond to what you’re looking for in a partner.

3. The interests, preferences and qualities you have – especially those which set you apart from others – are there to be celebrated, cherished and honed.

4. You need neither the approval nor the advice of people you don’t admire, don’t want to follow, and whose lifestyle doesn’t make you dream

5. EVERYTHING happens in the right way, the only way it’s supposed to, whether you like it at first or not.

6. Though technology can help facilitate any number of tasks in daily life, it isn’t there to replace fundamental needs. We always need real-life contact with people (particularly those present), to think for ourselves and even just to ‘be‘ – without being occupied or entertained.

7. If it feels right for you, do it – it’ll either be a great experience and great memories and/or something you learn from. If it doesn’t feel right to you, or you have to be pressured into doing it, then don’t!! Better let it be someone else’s mistake rather than your own regret…

8. You can make a living from doing what you love, and get rich by doing it, and feel good about it all.

9. Appearance is so far from being your most important asset or quality. Valuing beauty doesn’t make you superficial, but always putting it first wouldn’t be doing justice to your real qualities – the ones you can work on which allow you to keep improving as a person.

10. Working hard or working long hours aren’t synonymous with working well, or delivering your best quality service to others. Add value to others’ lives by what you do for them, not the number of hours you spend breaking your back, forgetting to enjoy your own life in the process, no less criticising yourself in the end for ‘still not doing enough’.

You are already doing more than enough (which is to say that you are doing exceptionally or outstandingly well – and why aim for anything else?) by dedicating yourself to delivering a high-quality service, and feeding your own passion in doing so. Life lessons will tell you that you are a credit to yourself as well as to all those who are lucky enough to be influenced by you!

enjoy life