“Language”: An Introduction

My main aim in establishing this website is as much to help you learn your foreign language as to help you help yourself learn independently!!

The sooner you take your learning into your own hands, whether you are already on a language course or studying alone, with or without a tutor or teacher, and the more independent you become, the more certain you can be of your absolute success acquiring a foreign language!!

« On ne doit pas juger du mérite d’un homme par ses grandes qualités, mais par l’usage qu’il en sait faire. »

— Jean De La Bruyère

This means…

more effective learning methods,

more efficient study time, and

・a more motivating and rewarding overall experience!

If you are passionate about foreign languages, I hope you are inspired to embark on the next steps of your journey with me!

Hannah Johnston
Away With Words⎪Language Tuition